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Hello! My name is Tim Montgomery, and I'm the lead pastor here at Oasis.  At our church, we celebrate new beginnings because God is in the business of giving fresh starts!  If you feel frustrated or confused, we are here to offer encouragement and perspective that comes from an understanding of God's grace and power. If you are enduring a season of hardship, made mistakes, or are grieving, we want you to know that God gives us strength for the hard times, forgiveness for sin, and comfort for the hurting.

If you've ever needed a comeback, you've come to the right place.                                                                                                                                                               Tim


Jesus came to die and to rise again so that He might impart to us His love and His life in a radical way.  As we live out our faith, in the power of the Holy Spirit, we seek to reach others with the transforming message of God's amazing grace!


We are fellowship of men and women who love one another and invite others to join us in sharing our talents and time to reach a hurting world with mercy and grace. 

We know that we have freely received and we are eager to freely give. 


This community of faith is a visible reflection of the invisible Body of Christ where Christ Jesus is the Head and we are members together.  Our chief goal is to honor our Lord Jesus and to serve one another in practical and meaningful ways. 


There is nothing more exciting and transforming than having a personally relationship with God.  God not only made you, He made you for a loving relationship with Himself.  You a

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